I hope Radiohead removing internet presence is a growing trend

After sending fans some creepy flyers, Radioheads homepage has slowly faded to white, all social media accounts have removed posts. I know its probably publicity for a new album but I wish it wasn’t.

Sure ,all this social stuff is great, but if your Radiohead or another big band, you don’t need it, people will buy your records and go to your shows if you don’t post shit on facebook.

Twitter has ruined more musicians for me than I care to count, you realize how crazy they are (billy corgan) or tactless (kanye) or corny as hell (every celeb with cats)

time to shit yourself! Windows just built in native bash with linux commands


File under “who gives a shit” for almost everyone, it’s actually really useful for anyone who dabbles a little or a lot in linux or needs to access a servers, can now look at windows 10 with a half-chub. Don’t shit your pants just yet, its only on the preview build but all you gotta do to get that is sign up fool, Good thing is, it’ll probably be a future update for all turkeys. Shouts to Fishboy for the useful ass info.

More info from M$



Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 12.43.43 AM

Raspberry Pi 3 is here.. here are the main take-aways.

  • 1.2GHz 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU
  • integrated Wifi and Bluetooth (about time)

Yes its exciting, more power and built in wireless about 1.5 the power of a Pi2, but I’m not jumping up and down until we get USB 3.0 and/or Gigabit ethernet. I realize this is a piggy back usb 2.0 situation, but Pi2 has enough power, my projects needed faster usb and ethernet. Same price as Pi2 so I guess my next Pi will be a 3

RasPi 2 Webmin with NAS Vs OpenMediaVault



I’ve been itching to get my NAS moved from a desktop PC to a Raspberry Pi with a External HDD.  At first, OpenMediaVault was my easy option, extract and go, little config needed, but one major problem, when was not being used, it would “sleep” which is fine but when I tried to access the files next it would give me an error in Kodi, that pops up on my screen. Due to the remote options I used, it was a pain to clear this error. So Webmin with NAS to the rescue, while the speeds arent any better ( both sit around 5-10MB/s) its enough to stream movies to my android boxes, better yet when the Webmin sleeps the drives, and I access a movie in Kodi, it may not play, but it doesnt throw a hard error, I just hit select again and away we go.. no errors. I would say OMV has more features, but Webmin with NAS so far seem more stable and better for my situation



Shoecase: Cortez Day of the Dead

2015 Nike Cortez “Day of the Dead” is a pretty shoe with understated detailed style that makes it this months Shoecase: shoe of the month. Love the insoles, the Día de Muertos print on the exterior is nice touch. If you just want some QS shoes that are artsy but but not all crazy, check. That insole is a Panty dropper, all genders! Click Title for additional pics.

Nike Cortez Day of the Dead



Tesla Powerwall

Two powerwall cells show the daisy chain transition used.

Two powerwall cells show the daisy chain transition used.


I’ve been searching for a battery backup for my outdoor sump that keeps my basement from flooring in heavy rains. I toyed with a few ideas, but Tesla’s Power is my most attractive option as of the time if this article. The Powerwall can take its power in 2 ways, Solar Cells or it can just take power straight from your existing energy grid.  Here’s how it benefits you:

1. Absorbing solar power and storing for use during the day is self explanatory.

2. Taking power from energy providers (BC Hydro in Vancouver)  during off peak hours (middle of the night) and utilizing this stored power during the most expensive times (morning and evening)

These are the Main reasons to get the Powerwall, now if you drive a Tesla, Im not sure there’s a direct advantage due to the fact that the Model S battery is far larger then the power wall battery.

I’ve sent my info so I’ll report when I get the next step.


Repairing SR-250 Remote

Of course you want to fix this remote.. you spent a lot on it and now its not working.. I hate to be that guy, but just chalk up a loss and either switch to IOS or android versions (slower because they use your network instead of the zig-bee network the remote uses)  you can get an old ipod touch or android tablet much cheaper than another sr-250..


Ok so you’re really cheap and still here.. ok here is my proof that your are on a fools errand attempting to repair this remote..


there.. you happy??  single board, nothing to look at, clean or degunk.. all you got is wasted time and a paper weight that was once over 200 bucks of electronics.



Actifry Chicken Karaage


I Love fried Chicken and I love to fool myself into thinking the actify isn’t killing me by making me experiment with fried chicken.. but here goes.

Nothing is better than real fried chicken, not marriage, kids, accomplishments, religion, nothing..

Actifry cant be as good as deep fried but its still pretty good..

I used wings for this recipe but traditional cut pieces of chicken will work similarly.

1 tablespoon ginger – fresh grated
1 clove garlic grated
2 tablespoons soy sauce use tamari to make it gluten-free
1 tablespoon sake
2 teaspoons granulated sugar
1/3 cup potato starch

Mix ingredients except potato starch and marinate chicken for 30 mins to an hour.

dust wings in potato starch.

transfer chicken to actifry with a half spoon of oil (if you left skin on, plenty of oil will come off your chicken)

12 minutes or when juices run clear.



Danger 5



I am a naturalized Australian, I know theres lots of things Aussies do wrong, race relations, reversing carbon taxes, treatment of aboriginals, but all can be forgiven is you see how right we got Danger 5.

Danger 5 is a live action tv show that is a “piss take” on old tv shows, foreign action shows and the like.. if Adam West’s Batman, italian Spiderman and Archer had a baby, Danger 5 would be born..



Rick and Morty


Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 10.48.25 AM

Creator of Community and other guy I don’t know too much about have put out one of the best cartoons of the adult swim variety ever. Rick and Morty is fun, smart, packed with jokes and also has a lot of heart.. I’m eagerly awaiting season 2 hopefully it hasnt been cancelled already..