PSVita Resistance Burning Skies Review

The first FPS on the Vita, there’s no way for this game to live up to the high ass expectations of the FPS purist. I downloaded this game and have started playing. I have to say it looks pretty good so far, the dual sticks on the handheld are nice, its the first FPS feeling game on a portable for me…….

<hours later> ..  I played till you get to the big boss that spits little dudes at you. This game is a lot of fun. The AI is terrible and from time to time you see some imperfections (tiny clipping, some character models are not as polished as others,etc), but the game is solid, I commend Nihilistic  software, this game is good and a totally fresh experience that will get better when they get the multiplayer servers situation sorted. I did make it into a couple multiplayer games, but its not exactly easy to “drop” into a game at the moment.. Play single for now, its fun enough, get you used to the running (down on d-pad to run!?!) trophies a plenty. Multiplayer will get fixed, this is why developers are scared to do online with this system. its like doing up the butt for the first time, you’re scared, you haven’t been there before. could get dirty, but oh the rewards.

last gripe, I know its small, I don’t know why it bugs me, but I hate when PSVITA games force me to touch the screen in a way that is not innovative or cool. so why “press here” on the title screen??  No. No! not like this, not this way.


Killzone 3 Multiplayer


As a PS+ member, I get offers each week and one such offer was a discount on Killzone 3 multiplayer. I just want to give a big  up to this PSN download. I used to play warhawk, MAG and now KZ3 is my new favourite. I am awaiting Starhawk, but with beta testing in the load testing mode, it’s not happening. KZ3 is an extremely well balanced multiplayer FPS, the turrets and upgrades really make the game for me, the maps are well thought out and anywhere there is a good “camping” area, there is another area to kill that “camper”. It’s very fun and addictive, starhawk is not out yet and way more expensive. Killzone 3 MP is 15 bucks or if you got it for PS+ sale, $7.50. Honestly it is a steal at 15 bucks considering Warhawk and MAG cost more.


Playstation Vita Early Edition Bundle plus Uncharted Golden Abyss

I got my dirty hands on this yesterday, What can I say? I love this thing. The screen is amazing, the dual sticks are what portables lacked – It’s just a work of art, hardware wise. it came with a silly game called Little Deviants which is an “OK” game, you get the idea of it pretty early in but it’s kinda cool to see what zany ways they can show you the machines different input types.

Little deviants is worth a play, kids would love it, but who’s crazy enough to put a Vita in a hands of a child??(imagine!) I have to say, after playing it I can see that gaming companies are gonna find a shit load of uses for the rear touchpad. I’m not gonna say it sucks cause it doesn’t but to me its a gimmicky game designed to show off the system and therefore has no real game soul.

I like the trophy screens, the PS Store is Pretty good (wheres the ps+ section?), the web browser is good enough but no youtube support, the near app is cool

So I got one game I have been wanting to check out, Uncharted Golden Abyss. I like the franchinse and think this non naughty dog creation is pretty damn good. I’ve seen people say it lacks the detail of the latest Uncharted, or even Uncharted 2 but it’s still amazing, I think its pretty close to uncharted 2 in graphics, I’m still gobsmacked at Golden Abyss, half the time Im still surprised at how nice and polish the game is, you’ve never seen anything like this on a handheld, not even close.

What I didn’t like: SONY Please stock forcing me to “touch it”, I want the option to not have to touch the screen, there’s all these great buttons to use. I liked the image rubs, but the bamboo cutting felt a little forced and the start screen? c’mon!

2nd thing I didn’t like? the carry case with the early edition bundle.. Im using it because I dont want my psp boucing around my bag, but holy crap that thing is so big. it holds your psv, 4 games, cleaning cloth, iphone, 3ds and tampons cause the size of this case just gave me a period.

Final thought. I love it, I cant wait to see what comes out (only launch titles I fell for are uncharted and rayman origins, super stardust delta, escape plan are on my to buy list) .I’m waiting for more games with online play. (real online play, not lap times and ghost cars)

Official PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset Review

I game at night, mostly on PS3 and we got a toddler so, all my bass are belong to low. I was tickled pink when I saw that Sony has some wireless headsets for the PS3.

Whats good? 7.1 surround, they are comfortable, great on-headphone controls, the on screen display is sweet-ass.

media streamed to ps3 gets pretty swanky 5.1

Whats bad?
1. The Dongle, its crazy long, now my PS3 looks like Mandingo (PS3 has no rear usb ports)
2. 3.70+ firmware, please someone get this going on 355 cfw!!

3. surround is for games only. No blu ray love for now. hopefully sony will fix this.

Now I can hear my games in surround sound and not miss out on my fellow gamers yak about the harsh reality of being 12 years old.

Coming soon to PSN, Cloud Saving! Time to get a new Hard Drive!

File under nerdy-PS3-stuff, but if you want to put a bigger hard drive in your PS3 today, you will sadly lose many save games, they are copy protected so you can’t back em up, the only way around this is to do a “data transfer” which you need a 2nd PS3 to transfer your precious copy-protected data to (only one machine can have the copy protected files at a time).

Whats the solution? Cloud saving! with cloud saving you could pop in a fresh hard drive, sync with the server and voila, precious copy protected data restored. I’m just going to assume it will work the same way trophies does now. Sounds like this is supposed to hit the PS3 with update 3.60, Hooray!

I love that cheese with the cow on it.

H Jon Benjamin is one of my favourite voice actors, Archer Season 2 started last night.

I finished little big planet 2,  well the story mode. I want more, more, more! I know there are loads of community levels out there, but the story levels were a bit of a tease, you show me all this cool stuff and pull the plug. I guess its time to put my faith in the community of LBP. All my network problems are now gone as well, turns out it was on my end, boo @ me.

I also watched Endhiran, the most actionest action movie of all time. It’s terrible and terribly entertaining all at once. It was longer than I thought I would be close to 3 hours.

PS3 Hacks and LBP2 Servers Suxxors.

So, I’ve been playing LBP2 a little bit now. It’s damn good, so good that after playing a level, I think “wow, that level was really good” its the weapons, vehicles, etc that really kick this one up a notch for me. The Robo-bunny, Sonic-booming Dog,  Bionic Commando arm – the list goes on.  LBP2 is really the ultimate platformer for any gamer.

Now the downside: the servers are taking a dump in their Dockers half the time I try play online. I have had some successful online games but overall a – loading screen, loading screen, loading screen is all you see.  I would call it a “Hang”, save yourself the pain and just play “on your own” for a couple weeks until the servers are going better.

So Geohot, put out the PS3 Jailbreak but didn’t enable backup play or homebrew launching. Luckily for the hacking world, where he didn’t want to blatantly open the door to playing pirated games, others have stepped up. Wutangrza, Kmeaw and Waninkoko have all already put out custom firmwares of 3.55 that enable homebrew and playing backups. If you have a hacked Wii you are probably already familiar with Waninkoko.

Certain “slim” consoles are reporting bricks, so do some googling before you dive in.  Also there are reports that BD and DVD playback have been compromised.