How to spot fake Jordan 4 white cements

First of all, I am not knocking Knock offs. I think these look good and the quality isn’t bad, and authentics will run you over 2oo retail. Spotting a fake is not too hard, but there may be more than one line of fakes available, so here’s some tips:

1. tag on the back of is one tone grey, the authenics are cement speckled. Back side of this tag is glossy on the bootleg and matte on the real.

2. the inside of the tongue of a real is black, fakes are white or grey.

3. From side view the soles on a real shoe is grey black grey, on the fakes they are white black white.

These are easy to spot differences, theres lots of less obvious ones, google it. and if you see a “Nike Air” instead of a Jumpman you got yourself a99 release!

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bandwithd on openwrt

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 11.26.46 PM


Roommates, guests, children, neighbours, tenants, spouses, parents, employees- they all have one thing in common. THEY CAN’T BE TRUSTED. my ISP has been shitting lately cause our bandwidth is outta control. numbers are important, bandwidthd to the rescue, with bandwidthd you can see who is hogging all the precious bandwidth. then you can find the mac address  of said hog and block the IP and when they come crying to you cause they cannot seem to connect you can say .





you can even let it run so you can monitor the day, week, month and yearly use.  so, do build your case before you send any nasty texts when really you downloaded a 40gig ps4 game during peak hours.

pron i get, just stream that stuff.

TP-Link TL-WDR4300 V1.4 with OpenWrt and Bandwidthd


We share wifi with some riff raff. They mean well but everyone these days is online all the goddam time and its driving our data through the roof. I made threats and had talks to everyone, but me likee the control. So I spoke to a higher nerd and he said openwrt can do this and go get the TL-WDR4300.

So I did and I LOVE it. Router is amazing OpenWrt has loads of features and Bandwidthd is performing well and hasn’t seemed to slow down the routing.
I was too stupid to figure out which firmware went on 1.4 it wanted a specific build off the trunk, ok I don’t know what Im talking about. Said nerd prepared the firmware for me.

Heres the Details: (for TP-Link TL-WDR4300 V1.4)

OpenWrt Barrier Breaker r38862 / LuCI Trunk (svn-r9934)

I think it includes bandwidthd,

Here it is.


Been rock solid ever since.

Stuff you didn’t know about the Terracotta Warriors


Recently wanted to find out more about the Terracotta Warriors and found some stuf that was interesting (to me)

  1. Warriors were buried around 210 BC.
  2. There are over 8000 Warriors as well as horses, chariots, etc
  3. The Emperor was only 13 when he started the project
  4. Soldiers were armed with real, sharpened weapons that were used by the soldier that the warrior represents.
  5. Those weapons would later be taken by enemies to overthrow the next emperor.
  6. Weapons recovered indicated that ancient china was blast forging weapons hundred of years before the west.
  7. Historians claim that each warrior is unique, but there are only 6 faces, historians didn’t want to come off looking racist.


Get [partially] reimbursed for your drain cleaning from the city of Vancouver

If you ever have waste water in your house backup, you’ve probably had to call roto rooter, milani etc. they charged you 400 to 600 depending on how bad the stoppage is.

speak to the plumber’s who doing the work, if theres any blockages on the citys side (ANY, does not have to be the main blockage) get the city to come and clean the drain again, make sure you get the paperwork from the city cause it has the case ID #.

Write this letter to this address:

Unstop Administrator
c/o Engineering Records
453 West 12th
Vancouver BC

case id

on this date sewer services confirmed that robmelms on city side and enrolled this address for annual preventative cleaning.

On (Date), (Plumbing Company) were called to my house to unblock a sewer backup, After the blockage was cleared, the plumber used a camera to show where the blockages were. They found blockages on the city side as well as my side. I called the city and Sewer Services came by, confirmed the blockages were present and proceeded to use the auger machine to cut the roots that had caused the blockage.

Address is *** West *th Ave
Case ID *******

[ your name ]

Kilian Martin: Altered Routes

Kilian Martin is still awesome.

one hundred riffs

Re RE Review, Resistance Burning Skies PC Vita MULTIPLAYER


Good news everyone! it only took a day for Nihilistic software to fix the multiplayer bug and the online action has been pretty sweet. the game is very fun and the online has been surprisingly robust.

Now if they would let me bypass the movies in single player, Im set! thats a bug, I’ve seen the movie.. why force me to watch again in its entire-ness? you already loaded your data and you know it.

PSVita Resistance Burning Skies Review

The first FPS on the Vita, there’s no way for this game to live up to the high ass expectations of the FPS purist. I downloaded this game and have started playing. I have to say it looks pretty good so far, the dual sticks on the handheld are nice, its the first FPS feeling game on a portable for me…….

<hours later> ..  I played till you get to the big boss that spits little dudes at you. This game is a lot of fun. The AI is terrible and from time to time you see some imperfections (tiny clipping, some character models are not as polished as others,etc), but the game is solid, I commend Nihilistic  software, this game is good and a totally fresh experience that will get better when they get the multiplayer servers situation sorted. I did make it into a couple multiplayer games, but its not exactly easy to “drop” into a game at the moment.. Play single for now, its fun enough, get you used to the running (down on d-pad to run!?!) trophies a plenty. Multiplayer will get fixed, this is why developers are scared to do online with this system. its like doing up the butt for the first time, you’re scared, you haven’t been there before. could get dirty, but oh the rewards.

last gripe, I know its small, I don’t know why it bugs me, but I hate when PSVITA games force me to touch the screen in a way that is not innovative or cool. so why “press here” on the title screen??  No. No! not like this, not this way.


Shoecase: Air Force 1, Year of the Dragon edition.


I love a sneaker that is full of features that isn’t immediately obvious. these YOTD AF1′s are right up my alley. A true premium, they look like other black af1′s except:

1. Silken exterior with the black on black chinese pattern. (supposed to be like the coat an emperor would wear during formal events)

2. Dragon on tongue, chinese character for dragon on the back. pretty insole

3. IO/inside out  midsole. (so fresh and clean)

4. Packaging is artistic.

5. Swoosh has the dragon scale effect.

Killzone 3 Multiplayer


As a PS+ member, I get offers each week and one such offer was a discount on Killzone 3 multiplayer. I just want to give a big  up to this PSN download. I used to play warhawk, MAG and now KZ3 is my new favourite. I am awaiting Starhawk, but with beta testing in the load testing mode, it’s not happening. KZ3 is an extremely well balanced multiplayer FPS, the turrets and upgrades really make the game for me, the maps are well thought out and anywhere there is a good “camping” area, there is another area to kill that “camper”. It’s very fun and addictive, starhawk is not out yet and way more expensive. Killzone 3 MP is 15 bucks or if you got it for PS+ sale, $7.50. Honestly it is a steal at 15 bucks considering Warhawk and MAG cost more.