How to spot fake Jordan 4 white cements

First of all, I am not knocking Knock offs. I think these look good and the quality isn’t bad, and authentics will run you over 2oo retail. Spotting a fake is not too hard, but there may be more than one line of fakes¬†available, so here’s some tips:

1. tag on the back of is one tone grey, the authenics are cement speckled. Back side of this tag is glossy on the bootleg and matte on the real.

2. the inside of the tongue of a real is black, fakes are white or grey.

3. From side view the soles on a real shoe is grey black grey, on the fakes they are white black white.

These are easy to spot differences, theres lots of less obvious ones, google it. and if you see a “Nike Air” instead of a Jumpman you got yourself a99 release!

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